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Alien 1979 Film Review

Alien is a movie about an Alien on a spaceship. It's such a simple story. The movie starts with the crew waking up from their temporary frozen state because the ship's AI "Mother" detected a distress call. They went to investigate it by landing on some random planet. They find this egg that hatches and it hijacks their spaceship the Nostromo. It turns out later that the signal was a warning and not a call for help.

The robot on the ship lets the infected crew member in, because the robot is directed by "the company" to prioritize bringing the alien lifeform in to Earth and not the well being of the crew. Asshole company? yep realistic. The crew members who are not trained to fight some super strong alien die one by one. The heroine Ripley is the only one to survive and she spaces the alien after it follows her to the escape pod she takes.

The story is definitely simple, a cargo freighter that works for a shitty company ends up bringing an alien on board. The company wanted the alien to be brought back to Earth. The movie isn't scary but it has that slow paced creepy atmosphere, very little action, the crew barely fight or injure the alien until the end where Ripley fights it for a while.

The visuals were not bad considering it is from 1979, the Alien design is great especially the mouth and teeth and the drooling. The explosions were lame, when the Nostromo self destructed. The twist of Ash being a robot is nice, with him/it "admiring' the Alien, since he is a robot he seems to dislike humans who are 'deluded' with morality and consciousness while praises the alien for being basically a monster.

overall the movie is very good, a masterpiece? I think the basic story prevents it from being a masterpiece, also, the movie was neither action enough nor scary enough, at times it felt slow and uneventful. Not enough information about the alien and about the company also left a feeling of incompleteness. Score: 8/10

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