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Blue Lock Review

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Episode 1

A soccer anime, when you make sports anime you should make them UNrealistic, because real sports are boring and in anime form they are worse. Blue Lock is not realistic, in the first episode there is no super power stuff like Captain Tsubasa but the whole facility where 300 duded have to compete and only one (5?) wins it all? yeah that's not real soccer so it's good. The main character is talented and smart that's good. Not much story, nice animation and a lot of different characters. The whole idea of them being egoist means every character is unlikable. Overall it's pretty good first episode. 8/10

Episode 2

The second episode isn't very good. Too much talk about being a hero, no team work, blah blah blah, it feels retarded, a team of strikers? team work doesn't count? yes strikers need to be selfish but to win the fucking world cup you need a good team not just a hero striker. The whole thing feels too stupid and too much blabbering. The "monster" that Bashiri or whatever his name unleashed and said the main character can also do it gave a glimpse of badass stuff like in Kuroko no Basket but otherwise this is boring. 6/10

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