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FFVII: Remake (BORING/10)

FFVII Remake is a boring game. It's not a BAD game, it's worse, it's a BORING TEDIOUS game. The forced slow walking, the forced side-quests to progress the main quest, the "puzzles", the no-fast travel, the spongy enemies and bosses, the boring limited locations that is all in Midgar, the stupid non-sense story. It's a BORING game. So fucking boring. Tifa is hot but one hot female character can't make the game good. FF16 is BETTER than FFVII Remake, by far.

The graphics are not even that good even on the PS5 version. The music and voice acting is decent. The gameplay is very boring, enemies have too much HP and there are too many enemies. The Midgar towns/sections look so blah and boring. They took the first 3-5 hours of the original FFVII and made it into a 20 hours slog. I played the Midgar part of the original FFVII and it was more fun and exciting and that game is decades old.

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