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Final Fantasy XVI Review [6/10]

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Final Fantasy 16 is the shitty action Devil May Cry wannabe game. Why make Final Fantasy an action game? "kids these days like action games", "kids these days are so retarded they need the game to play itself so we gonna give them these rings that they can equip to auto-dodge and auto-heal etc". "Kids these days are so stupid they can't manage multiple characters so no more parties". Final Fantasy 16 is retarded game.

Edit: (2 hours play)

The game starts out, decent. The gameplay is just mediocre, it's not as fun as action games like DMC but not as RPG-ish as's in between. No party, weak customization. The story is decent, angry dude wanting revenge, politics, childhood friend Jill mystery etc. It's like game of thrones with some anime, the dominant being anime-ish. The story is good and the combat is mediocre. The game is very linear too.

Edit: (4 hours play)

The game picked up story wise, getting to Caer Norvent one of the first 'dungeons', it's not really a dungeon, just stairs and rooms and a tower. Lots of cannon fodder enemies, then at the end of it an actual boss fight, the first real boss fight against Benedikta, this fight was actually hard, to the point where I assumed we were supposed to lose at first...then I noticed we had to win hahaha, thing is you can't spam potions since we only get limited quantity, it was a good boss fight. It was also badass how Clive defeated her and took her Eikon the wind one. I thought Clive might unleash his Eikon....does he have an Eikon? I assumed he is the Bahamut that killed Joshua at the start but he thinks he was watching and some other Bahamut did it. Either way the game got better.

Edit: (7 Hours Play)

Clive unleashes his eikon in Final Fantasy
Clive Eikon

The game got much better, Clive finally does unleash his Eikon, Ifrit, he kills Benedikta but then Cid to bring Clive under control he unleashed his own Eikon Ramuh and defeats Clive. This shows that Clive really is the one who killed his brother Joshua. The Eikon battle was nice, a little simple but still badass. How many times have we defeated Benedikta? she has been the boss fights since start of the game. we also see the Empire and Waloed fight each other, both have Eikons, Odin and Bahamut. It's like DBZ hahaha. The game from story/cinematic is very good, the just too simple lacking in RPG elements, like party, customization etc.

Edit: (10 hours play, score: 4/10)

Played some side quests, lame stuff like give food out and find soil blah. Even the main quest now, this martha innkeeper who helps the church guy who helps the's all just lame and boring, where are the politics? this isn't game of thrones, it's shitty boring. Thee gameplay is still barebone and boring and the story is lame? heck even the characters suck, what is Clive? he was obsessed for revenge for like five minutes then he realized he killed his brother and now he is an idiot wandering around, Jill barely has any personality, Cid is the only interesting one, HOW DO YOU MAKE A FINAL FANTASY WITHOUT INTERESTING CHARACTERS? heck FF13 had better characters and that game had that annoying kid.

Edit: (15 hours play, score: 4.5/10)

Played some "dungeon" basically rooms that look the same that have the same enemies that repeat way too long, it got ridiculously boring. They put some boss enemies and the fight against "shadow Clive" was actually hard. we did get the Ifrit summon with his abilities and Limit Break which is super sayain mode, gameplay-wise those are nice. Then we went to the village where we did boring NPC building and side quests and witnessed the village get slaughtered by the imperials, yeah it's supposed to be a hard scene but thing about the story/world in this game it's just not very immersive or captivating, Clive and Jill are robotic and boring and the world they are in is plain.

Edit: (17 hours play, score 3.5/10)

Game is fucking trash, I am skipping cut scenes for "side quests", it's boring as fuck. The whole "slave" story is too cliche and overdone. also, what is the story? first Clive wanted revenge, then he and Cid and Jill want to destroy the mother crystal...also Jill and Clive don't have personality they are too blah. Thee gameplay is too repetitive.

Edit: (18 hours play, score 6/10)

typhon from Final Fantasy 16

The game just got like much better, infiltrating the capital of the empire Oriflamme was the best part of the game up to this point. The dungeon was good because it wasn't too long, didn't have a ton of repetitive enemies, couple of boss battles like the Ash Dragon and the Typhon and Clive getting more Ifrit power. Story-wise a lot happened, Ultima made an appearance, he said he wants Clive as a vessel, Joshua saved Clive by imprisoning Ultima inside of him. Cid got killed. Jill is useless so much it's funny. They skipped five years ahead and Clive is now playing Cid, the huge guy Hugo still thinks Cid is alive and wants to kill him for killing Benedikta. Also the hideout was destroyed by Hugo slaughtering most in it. The story got better, gameplay more fun.

Edit: (24 hours play, score 7/10)

Limit Break Clive

After the holy capital Oriflamme and 5 years time skip the game got much better. The main story went from 'revenge' to destroying all the crystals, which is more epic. Joshua who we have seen little of is even more interesting than Clive. New hideout is much more beautiful than the old one, of course a ship on the sea with the tropical setting is great. Gameplay wise it's the same but more Eikons, more things to do like Hunts and it's just flowing better with better pacing. Jill is still lame and bland. No major human villains...Ultima or whatever that thing that Joshua imprisoned isb evil and wants Clive as vessel but who are the human villains? Hugo is an idiot who wants revenge for his love Benedikta and the empire king the old dude seems evil. a major weakness in this game is lack of interesting characters both good side and villains.

Edit: (28 hours play, score 7/10)

The board hunts are good, the best side-quests in the game. They are much harder than typical monsters in the field and they give nice rewards in crafting items and money. Other side quests are usually lame. Every main story quest now seems to be destroying a mother crystal. I still find the story...weird, it's SUPPOSED to be epic but feels small in scope, there are no interesting characters or villains. Because there is no party, it's usually Clive and Jill, they are boring especially Jill. The combat is still repetitive, slash, dodge, use 2-3 Eikon abilities.

Edit: (35 hours play, score 8/10)

Torgal Super Sayain Blue

The game got much better, as the story and gameplay improves. The story got more exciting as Clive fought Hugo Kupka and CUT OFF HIS HANDS, the battle against Hugo Kupka was fun. There is also the dog, Torgal who became super sayain when Jill was about to be beheaded. That was badass. I also like Jill now, she is cute and sexy and I like her. The way she took revenge on that religious zealot was amazing. side quests are still boring except for the hunts.

Edit: (38 hours play, score 6/10)

TRASH THIS GAME IS FUCKING TRASH. Yes that's how fast this game goes from amazing to SHIT. The fight with the titan, Hugo was horrid, it was Eikon fight that dragged too much and was not fun. AFTER the titan fight they forced awful side quests into the main quest, "letting off steam I,II and III". doing filler shit for that awful "Mid" character, Cid's daughter. Go there do that gather this hahaha. The actual side quests are also awful. The pacing went so much south for the game, I am skipping cutscenes, it got so boring I actually lost interest in the main quest of the game.

Edit: (41 hours play, score 7/10)

Dion, The Tragic Hero

Another mother crystal destroyed which means an Eikon fight, the game feels very formulaic in how every major story progress is 'go to new area, fight new Eikon, take its power or portion of it and destroy the mother crystal'. anyway, Dion got finger fucked wait he probably actually gets finger fucked by his ahem lover but yes he was tricked into killing his father by the Ultima possessed kid, he raged into Bahamut and killed people etc. Joshua and Clive fighting together like they literally merged hahaha, was nice, they reunited and with Jill and their whore mother, Anabella seemed to be important but ended up killing herself after seeing her 'son' becomes ash...she is hot tough like really beautiful, she is the hottest female in the game, then comes Benedikta and then Tharja and then Jill, I am not a huge Jill fan. Anyway, Dion gets killed and Ultima is using his puppet king of Waloed to take over Clive. The story is interesting but the Eikon fights drag too much.

Edit: (50 hours play, score 8/10)

I will admit, this game has an addicting thing. Do lame side quests, do decent hunts, do a main mission, get ability points, get new weapon that looks different and is a little stronger than previous's a good loop. The story is OK, Ultima is evil God wants Clive as his vessel, very generic. Clive and Jill and Joshua together have nice relationship. Joshua is my favorite character, while Clive and Jill are more boring. All the human villains being controlled by Ultima makes them...boring. The story is just not very good. The gameplay doesn't get boring despite being repetitive because it's fast paced action with nice looking special attacks.

Edit: (60 hours play, score 7/10)

unless the ending of the game is MASTERPIECE or TRASH, 7/10 is the score. I beat Odin, it was actually disappointing, why didn't we get Eikon on Eikon fight with Odin like Titan? also, Odin or Barnabas was lame...controlled by Ultima and he wants his momma? eh. Hugo was obsessed with his (pretty) bitch and this dude wants his mother. This story is just shit. The characters are also lame, Clive is still bland, Jill is bland, only Joshua is interesting. Gameplay is the same, Shiva abilities are bland. Hunts are still the best part of the game, S hunts are nice. Trying to get materials to make ultimate weapon called um Gotterdammerung or something.

Summary: Play time 70 hours, Score : 6/10

I wanted to give it a 4 or 2 or a 1, yes the ending sucked ass. Clive died, Dion died, bah. The whole game has the 'sad feeling vibe', I like protagonists to bed HEROES, BADASS, and HAPPY endings, Clive left Jill and Torgal sad forever. Fuck that.The fight against Ultima was boring, Ultima kept getting new forms but he was easy, like Odin the fight should have been more epic. The story overall sucked, Ultima's race ruined their world so they wanted this world but he slept too long and humans became too aware and strong blah blah blah. Also the fucking side quests, when the final chapter started like 20 side quests popped up. The gameplay is boring, side quests are lame, characters mostly sucked, story sucked, ending sucked. Yeah game is just blah. It gets 6 and not lower because the good moments were EPIC and for some time the game was fun and addictive, doing hunts trying to get ultimate weapon etc. Compare FFXVI to Dragon Quest XI or Tales of Vesperia and it shows what a poor fake JRPG it is.

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