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Final Fantasy I review [4/10]

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Starting with the first Final Fantasy, the pixel remaster version on PS4/Switch, yes I bought both versions ha.

Played for 2-3 hours, just got to the Earth cave, killed some vampire. The game is very dated, little story, no directions/quest log, gameplay is basic as heck. I like the boosts features in the remaster, extra experience points and money and turning on and off the random battles is nice. It's not bad just very old game.

Game Finished: Score 4/10

I finished the game, man it's um trash. Okay this game is what from 1987? it's very outdated, and it shows. There are no quest log, no objective markers, the story is paper thin, the NPC bately have anything to say, the Heroes are silent and don't have any characterization. The gameplay is basic, attack, spells with limited use. The graphics are obviously outdated. Overall the game is a nice showing how how JRPGs started but it's not a good game. without the experience and money boost and turning off random encounters it would be unplayable. actually what I wanted most in it is a quest log, objective markers, things that related to story and what should we do and where should we go...I actually used guide to finish the game.

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