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Hell's Paradise review

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Episode 1

First episode is pretty good. It is not a comedy anime but I laughed so much at the dick scar on the wife's face...did they intend it or not? it's hilarious. Gabimaru, is that a digimon name? he is not badass but not lame, his powers, can't be easily cut or burned but a strong enough person can injure him as the girl with the sword did, also he has fire power ninjutsu. Convincing him to go to the island to get a pardon and be with his wife again..okay but he is very strong couldn't he have escape with his wife and killed anyone who opposed him? anyway, it's a good episode. Overall 7/10

Episode 2

Second episode is not as good as the first one. The story seems dumber, get bunch of criminals to go get elixir? if trained skilled soldiers who cooperate can't get the thing, why would criminals do it? they don't even work together and since one will get pardon they have incentive to KILL each other. They sent a person with each criminal to stop them from running and if the person doesn't come back they get beheaded...but the criminals are mostly stronger than the soldiers they sent to keep an eye on's fucking stupid, actually the criminals could have easily killed the shogu and every soldier in the camp where they gathered them and ran away. The girl that will keep eye on Gabimaru is annoying, she was born into a family that executes criminals and she was bullied so she decided to become an executioner instead of something nicer? yeah. Gabimaru is at least not a hypocrite, he kills when he has to, he is strong. Overall 5/10

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