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Record of Ragnarok

Episode 1

Gods want to obliterate humanity because humans are shit and don't deserve to keep existing? I can't completely disagree that humans are shitty but truth is not ALL humans are shit, also the God look shittier...ha. The sexy Valkyrie who is half human half God proposes the idea of a tournament, "Ragnarok", humans against Gods, 13 vs 13, the side to get 7 victories first wins. First fight will be Thor vs Lu Bu. The whole set up seemed very quick, little info about what where when etc. I was interested in HOW Valkyrie chose the 13 humans. Also, how can the humans have any chance against GODS? the Valkyrie's sister ask that and the Valkyrie says it's basically because the Gods are arrogant conceited and it's time that humans kicked their ass. First episode is interesting enough to give it more time. The English dub is good and the music is very good however the animation was very stiff, not fluid at all. 6/10

Episode 2

Episode 2 is slightly better than the first but what the fuck is that animation? it's an actual slide-show, I don't mind bad animations a lot, I am very tolerant of shitty animations for example I enjoyed the seven deadly sins! but this is beyond bad, it's a joke. The actual fight between Thor and Lu Bu was barely there, Thor attacked Lu Bu with a thunder hammer and Lu Bu slashed Thor with his spear. It seems the Valkyrie gave the humans warriors some special weapons. The backstories for Thor and Lu Bu were OK-ish, both get bored from being too strong it's cliche. The music is fine and the story well, it's a fighting tournament. The animation is by far the worst aspect of this anime. 5/10

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