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Star Ocean 5 Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I have never really played (as in more than few minutes) a Star Ocean game. Why play SO5 first? it's known and agreed as the worst in the series, so nice to start with it since they only get BETTER this way.


Update: I played around 3-4 hours, the game so far is decent. It's good. Not great, not bad it's just good. The graphics are actually surprisingly good considering it's from 2016. The landscape and environment look good and vast but the character design is weird, they look too much fake not even anime. The gameplay is fun enough, real time like Tales games, use skills and dodge and guard. The game is typical JRPG, go from town to town and quests and item creating. The story is still at start, some mysterious girl, two countries fighting each other.


Update: I played around 10 hours so far, the game is good, not great but above average. The story started very slow but picked up, with the introduction of the "other" civilization from different planets. the main characters Fidel and Mikki still feel...lame and not involved in the overall plot and the little girl with super powers who is attached to the main's cliche and meh. The gameplay is typical JRPG, go to town, vast empty fields, dungeons with no puzzles etc. some boss fights have been actually challenging. the whole "roles" system is...I don't find it that amazing, roles make AI behave in certain ways but it doesn't feel that effective. also the main character Fidel has like 2 attacks so far and it's repetitive. overall the game is good, the combat system is fun and the story got interesting, the graphics are good and the audio is decent. Score: 7/10

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