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Star Wars Episode 1 Review

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

First Stars Wars I ever watch, I never had any interest in SW and always thought it was overhyped shit for no reason, I am a hater I guess hahaha. Ahem.

Anyway, I am halfway through the movie, so far it's decent. I really like Liam Neeson as "Jedi Knight" , he is supposed to be strong but I also like how smart and calm he is, also the dude with him another Jedi "Obi-Wan" seems cool but so far hasn't done much. The kid, Anakin Skywalker is obviously supposed to be important, he probably plays a major role in other films, I KNOW "Skywalker" is also the name of Luke Skywalker is protagonist of the original star war films so he is related to him. Not much action so far, some light saber fighting that looked cool but tame. The race was boring but important to the plot of the film I guess.

Watched a little more of the film, it's still in the decent category, the queen Padme going back to her planet, but does she have a plan? no army, just couple of Jedi knights and that awful dinosaur. Yoda made an appearance, he talks weird and also Samuel Jackson, they judged the skin to be unworthy of training as a Jedi.

I finished watching the film, it's.....good but not great. The plan to use the dinosaur army was OK but they would have been obliterated if it weren't for the kid Skywalker destroying the mother ship, I mean he is supposed to be a genius but it's still funny how a kid won them the war. The fight between the red Sith and the two Jedi Knights was badass, Qui-Gon dying was a letdown his apprentice killing the sith was badass, he ripped him in half. Yoda again made an appearance he seems like he has little authority, couldn't refuse Obi-Wan from training the kid. Well, it's a good movie but not great. Some or many star wars fans consider it the worst in the franchise.

Story- 6/10

the whole trade thing is weird and uninteresting, the princess taking back her planet is OK but it seems she was lucky more than anything, she helped an evil man become chancellor, the race part was boring. They set up the kid Anakin and the sith guys and the evil chancellor stories.

Visuals- 6/10

it's an old film, the CGI is meh, the light sabers fights are nice. The costumes and makeup are good. Princess Padme, well her decoy looks nice.

Characters- 8/10

Liam Neeson is awesome, he played Jedi Knight and looked both badass and wise. Obi-Wan is also good character, he didn't do much until the fight with the sith but he got to kill that bitch. Princess Padme is badass and she is pretty as fuck. The dinosaur dude is obnoxious and Anakin is well I don't hate him, he is an annoying kid. Liam Neeson and Padme make the movie.

Score- 6/10

It's a good movie, few nice actions scenes, likeable main characters, story is meh and visuals are old.

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