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Star Wars Episode 2 Review

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The second episode, no Liam Neeson which sucks. I watched around half an hour, Anakin looks badass, much better than the shitty kid in previous film. He has a huge crush on Padme, who doesn't bro. She doesn't like it when he looks at her with the "i want to sex you' look, she still thinks he is a cute kid hahaha. The story so far is same as episode 1, decent, someone tried to assassinate Padme, Anakin is asked to protect her and take her to her planet Naboo while Obi-Wan is asked to find who tried to assassinate her. It's obvious how not-Jedi Anakin is, he is angry and pissed how his master Obi-Wan doesn't recognize how good he is, he thinks he is better than Yoda, he lusts over Padme and that Palpatine dude who looks evil seem to manipulating Anakin. They talked about the 'cloners', their name is in the title of the movie. So far it's good but not great. No action, just the chase scene where Anakin follows the assassin who gets assassinated before saying who hired them. I don't like racing and chasing scenes.

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