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The Last Kingdom Season 2

The last kingdom season 2 is pretty good. The story involved the Erik and Siegfried brothers and the king's daughter Aethelflaed. Aethelflaed getting caught as a hostage because of her dumb husband triggered the entire story of the brothers trying to get a big ransom for her. of course things turned into romance and Erik fell in love, he traded fortune and kingdoms for her pussy or her heart...he was willing to fight his brother to death, actually men would do that for a woman, it's realistic. odda was way too stubborn going against the King orders, the king accused him of treachery eh...and he killed himself. Uhtred saved the king from paying fortune and got nothing in return. Overall it's good but not great, the brothers were annoying at time and Erik being so in love with his enemy is weird.

Overall 7/10

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