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The Northman review

The Northman, a gritty violent Vikings film. I am not a huge fan of Vikings because they tend to rely too much on violence and less on story and characters and this film is exactly that. It started out really good, the main character wanting revenge on his uncle who murdered his father and kidnapped his mom. Nice but generic. What I loved is how single minded he is, Amleth, he is a beast who wants nothing but revenge...until he sees the "slav bitch" who is really pretty, Olga played by Anya Taylor Joy, he falls in love, nope, he already lost his edge, he is no longer the beast that sees nothing but revenge, now he sees a pussy and pretty face and has a weakness.

The story plays out nicely mid-way, he gets the sword, he starts plotting his revenge, then the twist, his mother is actually a whore, she asked his uncle who she was fucking, to kill her husband and her son because her husband took her a slave and raped her. She hated Amleth because he was 'forced' into her. Amleth is shocked, he kills his uncle's son and runs away, but he comes back and lets himself be captured to save the slav bitch, so much for the beast. He gets tortured but the slav bitch saves him. He comes back and kills his mother and his half brother and they set up a final fight with his uncle where both kill each other...yeah nice. The who thing fell apart midway, where he stopped plotting and decided to show himself to his mother so soon and then he gave away himself to save the girl he loves. Also, he should have killed his uncle and went back to take his kingdom or failed and died like a dog, killing each other was lame. It started out decent but couldn't keep up the pace or have the balls to make the hero the beast he started out as.

Story- 3/10

Started out OK but generic and then got stupid and generic.

Characters - 4/10

Amleth was supposed to be a beast became a lover, the mother is a whore, the uncle is lame.

Fights- 8/10

Nice violent fights

Ending- 1/10


Overall- 6/10

OK but not great.

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