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Trinity Trigger [3/10]

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Trinity Trigger is a JRPG with some old-school charming visuals. It's made by some good developers of the Mana series and Chrono Trigger. I played few minutes, I like the graphics, the controls/movement are fluid. The main character seems like a typical protagonist.

Update: 3 hours playtime, Score: 5/10

video games picture a town JRPG
Astrum, The Glowing Town

Man this game is MID, AVERAGE, GENERIC. It's literally the definition of 'whatever'. Like the story is lame, the God of order and God of Chaos, have fought forever, nobody could win so now they fight through their chosen ones, our hero is actually the CHAOS God fighter! that's unexpected but the hero is still the super nice sweetheart. He has a cute sister but not blood related sister (so we can fuck eh) and he is helped and guided by super cute Elise girl who is actually part of the organization that wants to KILL him, but she doesn't want to do that she wants a peaceful solution to this war that has raged for centuries...yes an eternal war between GODS will be solved by um this cure girl, yep. The gameplay is like low budget games, it's hack and slash, enemies are easy to kill even big mobs but bosses have annoying shield bar that has to be depleted before hurting them. So far 3 hours into the game and yeah it's boring as heck.

Update: Game DROPPED Score: 3/10

This game is shitty. I mean, the gameplay as in combat is boring, hack and slash but no satisfaction in hitting enemies, you switch between the three characters but they all feel and play the same. Bosses have boring shield bar. Dungeons are ANNOYING with mobs of enemies and traps everywhere. The story is boring. The characters are lame. It's also hard but not in a fun way, you don't come up with strategies or builds, nope, you are stuck with the same characters and same weapons and limited amount of potions, so it's about grinding levels.

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